Past to Present

Heres some more from NZ 86 mania’s!

This picture I took back in 2004 with my digi-cam.

Nick Teeboon’s 86 back at pukekohe and when it was still a trueno

Bit of a change since then but still representing 86’s!

He’s also got a streeter in the build… another levin Notch! Will have to get some photos of it sometime once I get my new Camera.

5 thoughts on “Past to Present

  1. was there two? i thort he used to have preface rear lights then put kouki one on, but in pick one it has kouki rears..?


  2. Correct. The drifter was always trueno facelift.
    The streeter is also a trueno but front converted to levin.
    The difference with the rear lights is the levin kouki tail-lights have the whiteline on them.
    The first pic shows the trueno kouki tail lights.

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