NZ Scene: Wade-sans 86 Notch

Hi Wade,

I first met Wade when he came from rotorua in a van with his girlfriend to buy my Half cage and Nardi back in 2008,

Since then, the 86 Notch you see there has had a Silvertop 20V, 4AGZE and I think now a turbo setup to keep up with the rest of the drift crowd.

Ive always liked this car, ever since I first saw it in Taupo

Then at a Manji day

Its no show car, but its getting the use it deserves and thats what I like about this car.

Still keeping with the 4A engine too!

Here is a video of him at hampton with his 4AGZE setup,

Aggressive manji’s!!!

Hopefully the NZ 86 Scene will keep growing and I’ll do my best to keep it that way!

Cheer to Joseph Curphey for the top photo

5 thoughts on “NZ Scene: Wade-sans 86 Notch

  1. hey keisuke and sugoii write up holmes! Some sweet manjis and taupo action last year and good times at hampton early this year.. Hope to get out there again soon, hopefully with a fresh look, new cage and rebuilt ze turbo. And to Joe.. So cash bro! love the variety of cars in your posts man and sweet shots.. hangin out to see your site/blog back in action! cheers

  2. Hell yeah Wade!
    I’ve got my “other” notchie nearly ready.
    I’ll bring it out for some battles soon.

  3. cheers Nick! .. learned how to do these manjis from you bro!! ha! looking forward to seeing your new notchie and the 7age on the limiter at a track soon!

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