Long time no see…..

Hi guys, been a while.
Camera got run over at a Manji Day a few weeks back and since then been organizing and building things that have taken up most of my time so not alot has been going into here but Im seeing to that quickly.
New Camera is on the cards and built my A31 RB25DET Cefiro to fund the 86’s voyage from Japan to NZ.

Anyway, enough talk.
Heres something I havnt seen much of…


But wait, F20C SWAP?

Found this on Yahoo, so its available to buy for just 1.5million Yen

Anyway, more regular updates and etc from now on!


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6 thoughts on “Long time no see…..

  1. @Ray: Cheers man, good to be back actually.
    @Kyteler: hahahah New camera soon so alot more pictures of features and events!
    @Johnny: Yo man, hows your conversion going? Still at tama or all done? Give me a txt man, got to catch up!

  2. it looks like someone put a lot of effort into this conversion, the “lobster bend” intake alone would of taken probably a day

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