for the love of the streets

I want more Hayashi street fins!

Grant Scotts KE70 is representing!

Cant Forget Goto-sans old 86!

My first Notch on streets:

Current Notch on streets,  14×7 -6 Hayashi Streets, need 14×8 though.

13 thoughts on “for the love of the streets

  1. I love the blog. I’m surprised it’s taken me so long to find it. As a fellow AE86 enthusiast, there’s no way I’m not adding this to my blogroll. Keep up the good work.


  2. hi guys,
    struggling to find the best way to contact you so i thought id try here, basically Ive organized a meet in central London,
    Chelsea bridge to be precise, on the 9th of may from 9pm and i was wondering if you could promote it just a smidgen ( if not not a problem guys and delete this comment)
    by putting some info on a post for me and us guys at the (and it would be just as great if you wanted to blogroll us )

    if you need to contact me then please mail me at

    just thought id try you guys as alot of 86 fans and owners come to the site, and want to promote the biginnings of a meet as much as possibe

    thanks for listening

    geoff maher us uk guys and the best forum we have
    http://www.wheel my blog

  3. Im still alive! haha, just been busy back at uni etc.
    On a better note, might be going back to Japan around may – june for a month or so,
    anyone want to come with? haha
    Updates soon!

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