Hampton Downs Part II

Heres the rest of the pictures from the day:

Garage Slipway doing Team Battles

More and more Toyota chassis’s are popping out which is good to see.

Even Brendan Dunckers 18A 3-Rotary AE85 was there, with a bit of bonnet flex? haha

I Still love the look of Levin Notches!

Team Blink vs C’s Garage haha

Waz from Garage Slipway doing the Hairpin

Heres a cool shot of Adam

Jay Loves the 1G Power!

Curt Whittaker was there in his 2JZ R34 again doing some awesome tandems with Carl Ruiterman at the end of the day

I Like this shot for some reason

Mikes Soarer is cool

Full Gallery Here:

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