Another Hampton Track Day

Im starting to like these often occuring Hampton Downs drift days, hopefully itll become more of a regular event! But I really need a new Camera… D70 looks ancient now haha

Battles were close and there were always a couple happening which was cool to watch

Garage Slipway JZX81, Front 5Zigen FN01R’s are sweet!

Tarran with his Turbo Levin Notch.

Mark with his new GP sports front kit on the Downhill hairpin.

At the end of the day, the organisers had a meeting with the drivers to see what feedback they would get to make the days better.

They also warned us about dirt drops costing too much money to repair therefore making drifting trackdays looked upon negatively.

It looks cool but I would rather have drifting at Hampton haha.

Still more to come.

Rest of the Gallery Here:

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