More from 4&R National Drift Demo

Consistant Driving from Andrew Redwards through-out the day.

This WRX was showing some cool 4WD drifting techniques and the crowd was loving it too.

This R32 had nice new WEDS SA-70’s, they look the part.

Andrew Redwards and Luke Smith were getting closer and closer to the wall as the day progressed.

Tandem drifting or Tsuiso is a necessity for a demo!

Luke Smith in his S14, its powered by a 230kw SR20DE+T which was a suprise.

One more of the WRX

I want to shoot in film again!

7 thoughts on “More from 4&R National Drift Demo

  1. I’m the passenger the BNGBNG R32 in the 3rd pic (Won a ride thanks to castrol edge) was under impressed with his skills. Was still a fun skid though.

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