Hampton Downs Pt.II

The Downhill hairpin is quite a long corner by the looks of it…

There was even a VIP Styled Aristo on XT7’s which is different.

Garage H’s S14, tidy example of a Zenki S14.

There are a few cool silvia’s popping up in NZ now days.

I wonder who in NZ recognizes this car…

Thanks to AJ and his Chaser for being my camera car haha, was a fun camera car for sure!

This S14 was also at the last DMNZ drift day at Taupo I shot at, it’s really cool to see improvement in drivers. Nothing beats practice eh?

Olly from Taupaki Drift Club was also at the day,

Check his Video of Curt Whitakers’ 2JZ R34 on his Blog

He was filming from up there!

2 thoughts on “Hampton Downs Pt.II

  1. that s14 is driven by Luke Smith hes getting a lot better remember to check out the engine bay next time you see it

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