D2NZ Hampton Downs

The newly built course, south of meremere drag strip held a D2 Drift day for the first time since its opening and what a track its turned out to be.

As this was my first time ever going to the track, pictures turned out average but it definately a fun track to be at.

What was suprising was how wide the track is compared to those like Taupo and Pukekohe,

it was good to watch the drivers switching from side to side and link most of the corners up!

Using the most of the track as possible…

Curt Whitaker was out in force in his new car for this season, 2JZ powered R34 Coupe.

There is a downhill hairpin which connects to a long straight (first picture) and then towards a right hand sweeper which seems like an interesting drift corner

Also saw this 86 Hatch in the carpark rolling on hoshino G5’s.

Garage Slipways 1UZ Twin Turbo Ute was there having a blast!

Jodie and Drew from Drift Motorsports NZ were there testing out the new track aswell.

Cool S13, best shot of the day from me I think.

Will post the rest up later.

2 thoughts on “D2NZ Hampton Downs

  1. I found it really difficult to shoot too bro.. Gutted I didn’t even see you there! Will catch up at the next one.

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