TE37 V?

New from RAYS Engineering. They will produce a vintage series of their legendary TE37 wheel, the TE37V. Suitable for all Japanese Classics and in 4×114 and low offsets, whats not to like? The wheel is forged monoblock. They will be introduced on 2010th tokyo auto salon (TAS) and sales start by the end of April.

PCD: 4×114.3

15×6.5 offset +13

15 × 7.5J offset +6

15 × 8J offset 0

15 × 8.5J offset -5

15 × 9J offset -15

15 × 9.5J offset -20

Lip sizes: 56mm (S-rim), 82mm (L-rim), 94mm (LL-rim)

Sourced from MonkeyMagic 86

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