Photos of 2009 pt. 1

Since everyone else is, why not? haha

Heres some photos from the past year:

Very low Lorenza Mercedes Benz at Daikoku Futo

A group Of Kaido Racers / Bosozoku style cars at Daikoku Futo, definately a cool experience to see them all at once.

Thought this was quite a cool photo of Andrew Redwoods S14 at Pukekohe Raceway

Very Big Lowrider Meet at Yokohama Bay, Need to get the video footage of this up!

I ❤ JZX100’s, hopefully will be a taste of this soon in NZ

This abandoned 86 was such a sight to see, when I head back to Japan I will go on a mission to find as many as I can!

This isnt the best photo, but that probably because I was in the Passenger seat with a big smile on my face looking at the camera haha, Cheers again Alexi for the ride!

MotorFIX and Team Peak at Ebisu’s Nishi Course. Awesome sight!

First encounter with Missile Drifting…. Speechless

This is torture… BUT it will be in NZ Very soon!

NZ Drifting has stepped it up a notch!

More coming soon! Enjoy.

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