Part III: More snaps from Taupo

I have alot of photos… Shot over 900 and over half of them were decent enough to keep so here they come!

If only there was a wall instead haha

15/17 Stagger anyone?

The Train

Trying a new Triangle Formation?

Hug-O and Adam Tsuiso Battles!

I got abit Artsy with the editing with some photos this time… Yay or Nay?


I ❤ Wheels, especially these examples and I hope that the rest of NZ learns what Offset is:

VIP style Camber (Onikyan) with 19″ Kranzes

Side-on shots are cool!

Rest of the Gallery here:

6 thoughts on “Part III: More snaps from Taupo

  1. @ Hug-o: Haha, man….I hope thats accurate. Tell Mark Im really feeling his FC. Way too many white FCs out here in So Cal.

    But yeah, would really help knowing where he got that front bumper. Thanks.

    – Edward

  2. Jebus…thats dope man, dreamy? haha. I really wish you guys were out here in So Cal. Tons of events to hit up.

    Well, once your ready to move on from that front bumper, I’d love to buy it 🙂 If you got a facebook acct, add me, here’s my email:

    Also, check out my work on….would love to work with you guys on a post for the site too.

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