Part 2 – Taupo DMNZ

Very tired today, didnt get much sleep… But heres some more!

Chris “Picket” drifting without 3rd gear at the end of the day, but still killing it!

Andrew ‘WATDA’ with his S15, walked away with a prize at the end of the day! Good driving from him throughout the day

One of the top Cefiro’s for the day.

Some more shots of Adams 180SX, Marks FC and Joels Onevia

TE37 Club anyone?

19″ Kranze, credit card fail?

Mel doing the sweeper

Rest of the gallery below:

6 thoughts on “Part 2 – Taupo DMNZ

  1. Man I like that FC! so cool. Hey do you think you could do a wallpaper of the FC too? Awesome blog BTW!

  2. Woah just realized that’s the team blink FC lol. Didn’t recognize it with the new paint! Looks sweet, I want to paint my FC a similar colour.

  3. Man, so many epic photographs. Bravo man, such a sweet collection. What are the chances of getting a decent resolution of 5377?

  4. Cheers guys,

    @Fastmatt and rayjdm: cheers for the comments, will put up a hi-res later on tonight!
    @kyteler: Thanks man, Still have more to come too, just been busy with work so havnt been able to get round to it haha. Will put up more wallpapers soon, might have to make a wallpapers section on the blog

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