Here we go Again: Drift Motorsports Taupo

Another drift day organized by Drew, Jodie and the Drift Motorsports NZ Crew and what a day it was!

More and more of my posts come from the same trackdays and it is very easy to take the same picture from the same position each time.

But that wouldn’t make photography interesting would it?

Marks New Colour! Looks wicked in Person.

Adams 180, Might make this one into a wallpaper, anyone keen?

Heres my friends R32 4Door on CST’s… Yahh trick Yahh

Olly from Taupaki Drift Club was there too so keep an eye out for his Video soon!

Stay tuned as there is much more to come!!!

Rest of the Gallery up here:

11 thoughts on “Here we go Again: Drift Motorsports Taupo

  1. Cheers guys, it was a mean weekend.

    @Olly: Cant wait for your video bro!
    @Jebus: yeah i got you, will have to sort that out next time round!
    @B110: haha yeah, I will try do it legitamately next time. Cheers man

  2. Awesome photo’s 🙂 looks like it was a awesome day, gutted I missed it. You guys will have to come drifting in Canada 😀

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