Pt. 3 Taupo – Finale

Here are the final batch of pictures from Taupo.

Hope everyone has enjoyed the pics so far, thanks for all the comments!

This day was the best Drift day I have been to at Taupo and thats all thanks to Drew, Jodie and the Drift Motorsports crew.



C’s Garage Brothers –


Mark wasn’t lying when he said the whole track was able to be drifted, Even Pit Lane?


Mikes Soarer, 1JZ smoking up the cabin


Waz using his available Lock


At the end of the day was Prize Giving. (Very good Idea!)


Hugo walked away with some oil and brand new pair of tyres for Mike!



At the end of the day we stayed and cleaned up the track, removing all the excess rubber off the track.


A mix of Rubber and Fibreglass haha


And thats the end of that… Cant wait for the next Drift Motorsports day which is on the 6th of December back at Taupo!

Check out their website for more events and info –






Full Gallery Below:


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