Drift Motorsports NZ : Taupo Pt.2

The weather for the monday was predicted as overcast, but as the day progressed it turned out to be a tyre killing frenzy.

As seen here in Frans S14.5 with Brendan Dunker behind the wheel.


Heres Evan showing what his Supercharged 1UZ can do:



Cool close up shots of Mike in the Soarer and Adam in the 180sx





Heres a unique Drift car for you, 1UZ twin Turbo b2000 Mazda Ute.

The fabrication work is immaculate.



His drifting didnt seem to bad either!



The Manji Train…. Evan, you’re doing it wrong and I has evidence haha




Cool shot of Joel’s S13, 326 power wing is massive!



There were a few cool looking S13’s on the day:


Pickets S13 with 18×12.5J SSR’s at the rear with a 275 tyre… stretched much?



And Reuben from D1 Shed brought his S13 for the day but unfortunately had a bit of trouble with his tyre hitting the loom which ended his day early…


In action:



Heaps more photos left…. Will try get them done tommorow!

Rest of the Gallery Here:


9 thoughts on “Drift Motorsports NZ : Taupo Pt.2

  1. 4th Gear Mingers FTW!
    Good photos K!
    Frans car could destroy tires at will. Hardcore machine.
    Any photos of sunday nights antics? Pool jumps?

  2. haha finally an action shot, now i might get a pass for s-chassis, lol.
    good to catch up again bro!!

  3. @ntboon: Cheers Nick, No pool Jumps but pics are up on facebook if you want to have a look on your wifes account hahah

    @JCurphey: Yes I do indeed!

    @reuben: I got a couple more so will put them up in the next part for you reuben! Was definately good to catch up. I gotta bring my stash of Doriten etc next time!

  4. yea for sure man, i just got a subscription to the mag so ill bring those for you to check out too!!

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