Weekend Away : Taupo Pt.1

This weekend was very eventful, normally quite important things like sleep and healthy food were not a priority.

Late nights, drinking and having fun were on the agenda.

Monday was a Drift Motorsports NZ track day run by Drew and Jodie,

a group of us had planned to go down to taupo on Sunday and stay the night.


The group consisted of :

Mark , Mel & Craig (Marks Dad) – Team Blink




Hugo – Garage RS


Waz, Mike & Evan – Garage Slipway




Adam & Joel – C’s Garage


Jay – 1G Cressida


Emma, Shaun, Brett and the S-Club Team came up too,

Also Picket with his S13 was there (Artistic Blur Shot haha):


Took many many more photo’s but will have to wait for tommorow, Just got back to Auckland and as everyone else is, I am very tired haha.

Look foward to part 2!

Gallery Here:

14 thoughts on “Weekend Away : Taupo Pt.1

  1. Yeh suzuki you rule, that pic of Mike is the best ever, and the one of like 10 cars on the back straight doing nothing that resembels drifting is cool ahha

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