Cool Day…

Today was a cool day, relaxing with friends and got to look at some cool cars too.


Headed over to C’s Garage as I had a couple things to drop off.

Joels Streeter, looks cool even with out the BN kit


Joel’s car without the 326 power wing:


Still so tough…


Also, went to a Toyota Dealership in Albany on the way home as I saw a couple 86 parked up in the showrooms a few times,

Started talking to the business owners son who races the cars and had a good chat. Apparently the Levin pictured below has around 150hp, but the head is in need of some work for more power.


Small Port Block, Bigport Head, ITB’s… Cool, has had all the internals done too.



He also has a trueno that has been stripped back to bare metal, more on that another time…

3 thoughts on “Cool Day…

  1. Lovin the rear bumper shot of the S13! K – gotta teach us how to post pics and gallery’s properly on WP!! Our blog looks so povo :<

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