So Fresh, So Clean – 180 Type X

In NZ, Silvia’s have grown in popularity by epic proportions.

This is why:


This is Mr. John Boyce’s car….

He likes it. So do I and many other People.

Hug-o and Myself were cruising in town since it was the first sunny day in a week or so and happen to come across our friend here,

so thought might aswell take some pictures, here they are!


With AVS VS-6’s (Edited: Thanks Helmstarr) and CR Kais at the rear, the 180 looks tough yet so simple. People hate on the VS-6’s but I think they are a cool design.


Fitment is TOIGHT!


I ❤ having friends with cool cars! (need to get my 86 up to this standard once its in NZ)



Just to add, heres what it started off at this time last year in fact.

Team Silvia 2 copy_resize copy

Team Silvia_resize

Oh and heres Hug-o’s 86 in its new trim and lowness which makes me happy in my pants!


Rest of the Gallery Here:

8 thoughts on “So Fresh, So Clean – 180 Type X

  1. 180 is super dope…

    But those aren’t T6 or Model 6, they’re AVS VS6; the ORIGINAL version.

    Extra, EXTRA points for having VS6, I seriously love those!!!

    Crazy hard to come by in GTR spec nowadays, so I’ll more than likely end up with T6 for spares…


  2. that 86 is so clean man, saw it on the motorway the otherday and at the drifting on the weekend

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