Part 1 … Drift Sessions : Team S Club – Mix

Normally, Joe Manji Drift Days were focused towards having more old school toyota’s out on the track, but this event was organized by the same group of people now called TEAM S-CLUB and was apart of their Drift Sessions Drift days. There were a mixture of cars but the talent was still upper class.

C's Garage RPS13


Here are the rest of the pictures from the day:


The day was run perfect with no troubles’ at all. There were alot of new faces that we hadn’t seen before but everyone was there for one thing, drifting.

Cheers to Team S-Club for organizing this event!

Part 2 coming soon,

11 thoughts on “Part 1 … Drift Sessions : Team S Club – Mix

  1. Rad pics man!! love the one of me battling waz and my bumper falling off behind him haha. Would you mind emailing me the hi res shots?? Cheers!!

  2. cheers for the comments! was a mean day, and thanks to chris for letting me borrow his camera to take a few more shots, I really need a better camera!

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