Sleek S15 Spec R – Shkkkkatttay B

Now, Ive been meaning to take pictures of this car for a while!


This is my good mates car, Scott B. Known him for a fair few years now and went to go pick up this car from when it was stock at the start of last year. He’s come far with this car, and done everything right.


He still wants to do more, but at this stage in the silvia’s life, I think it looks wicked!


With the newly aquired twin pipes out the back thanks to AJ from Pitstop in Greylynn, the sound is alot louder than you think. In cabin, it’s quite quiet (i’m guessing it is because of the sound deadning and carpet etc are still intact) but when you listen to it go passed, its a nice sound! Also, the OEM rear wing has had the centre triangle piece cut out and patched up.


Rest of the Gallery Here:

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