!F20C? Garage RS AE85 VTEC!

It has Vtec… Need I say more?

haha, I had the privelage to drive this car all of yesterday afternoon and to say the least, it was awesome!


This is the newly aquired ride for Hugo from Garage RS. He needed a driver so of course I couldn’t refuse!

This car is a race-prepped car, Full Homolagated Roll Cage, S2000 Digi-Dash, 2x Bucket seats and a Nardi steering wheel with quick release is the interior sorted. Not much to say about interior because the main feature of this car is of course the Engine:


More pictures!


I dont really want to type anything seeing as its saturday morning and have work in a couple of hours, so I wont and let you bask in the glory of what a Honda motor and Toyota Shell is!

Full specs and details of the car on Garage RS’s Blog




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