More WIN than you Can shake a stick at…

Perfect Kouki Trueno Notch spotted on speedhunters. Low and good taste in wheels and fitment.


Cool Celica, I want one of these



I love the boxyness of it, the rear reminds me of my MR2

Talking about MR2…..


Thanks to Peter of A, found this wicked example. P1’s and VS-XX look awesome.


This Soarer actually has a twin brother, but both aren’t 1G powered, One has a 2JZ and the twin has a RB26DETT. Awesome


Heres another example of a Soarer but with modern styling. Also this is 1JZ powered.


The picture explains itself… 1UZ trueno vs Twin Headlight KE70 with Hayashi streets ❤


Risky Devil Altezza… If only there were more Altezza’s in New Zealand that were done Right.


1JZ powered Crown Athlete, They are used as keisatsu-sha or police cars over in Japan. Dont see them in NZ at all, hint hint…



This is what you would call, “Low Low”


I wonder who can guess what engine this car has… Normally Front Wheel Drive, its funny that if all the front wheel drives came out Rear Wheel Drive, all the cars we call “shit front wheel drives” would look cool like this one haha.


Wish D1 still had KP’s….

P1 (2)

and finally….


Sorry about the lack of posts, busy busy. Will try and update blog alot more frequently

5 thoughts on “More WIN than you Can shake a stick at…

  1. Im selling that boxy Celica your talking
    in Florida…haha..if your interested of course

  2. Woooah updates! Doooope. ive been thinking about those old aw11 mr2s. I want one freakin savage as, done up like a group B rally monster, that shit would rule my world. We’ll build one when we own a race car shop right? RIGHT??

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