K11 March Madness

Im sure you’ve heard of the Nissan March, the compact car which, if you hit something you would definately die in.

But if you had some FCR Carburettors powering one, I would definately not care, Like the following person in japan.

I Love FCR’s. I hope to build a 4AGE engine with FCR’s one day.

The same guy from the video above has built an K11 1300 FCR Carburettored machine, The sound is awesome!

Heres one with a SR20DET Conversion on the Dyno

I would love one of these as a Daily Car.

Heres a v6 Racing version, seems like a handful on the track though…

Small cars are lots of fun, just dont crash haha

One thought on “K11 March Madness

  1. hi i was just wondering what rear end that guy has in his silver k11 to be able to get that camber or what he has done to be able to get that camber.

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