AW <3

Some of you may or may not know but I drive a AW10 as a daily,

Now at first, I wasnt very fond of the cars as they had a reputation of being a “Hairdressers” car

but since I’ve had it, I’ve grown to like them very much! They are wicked cars, and can be made to look good without much money spent, here are some examples…


That one above is one from, Awesome style, Kouki Front Lip and skirts with a ducktail spoiler.

Rolled gaurds and SSR Mesh set it off!


Here is what mine will hopefully look like once I start putting more money into it,

Te37’s with bolt on flares and again, the Kouki lip and some aftermarket skirts. Cool!


Heres a AW11 with a N2 Styled Kit. Would look good painted but not so sure about that wing….


Heres My Daily, AW10 – 3AU Power! haha, Goes good for a shitbox 3Au though, good on gas, what more do you want out of a Daily car?


Here are the rest of the AW’s ive seen on the net that I’ve liked.

9 thoughts on “AW <3

  1. hahaha yeah, as long as the filter doesnt disintergrate into pieces and clog the carb it should be alright to drift, Mine can in the wet! haha

    Yeah man! Keen as, only if its a wet day though! haha dry is no fun unless griip driving!

  2. that gold one is the most perfect aw11 ever! I miss my old 4age one but it was cursed and broke down every week!

  3. Hell, nice post ! Thank’s for all these pictures !
    I think this one is pretty cool too (hella rusty, but hella cool) :

    The full topic :

    By the way, about the drift, it drift pretty well, but the “backpack effect”, due to the rear mounted engine is damn scary sometimes ! Overconfidence + oversteering + waaaay to much oversteering + a stupid hole =

  4. Hahaha if you want some more pics i’ve got shit loads from when i used to own the AW keisuke.

  5. i have a 87 aw11 as a daily too, sayin that its off the road atm for rust treatment (both front wings inner front bumper bar and LOADS of other parts,lol) and its a great car, quick, cheap and FUN!!! ive based your first pic (the blue one) as my plan but i’m in no hurry. best thing about this car is it keeps you on ya toes in the wet, the rear steps out to say hello if ya pushing her a little too hard,lol anyway nice pix

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