Taupo Taupo Taupo Drift – Pt.3

Heres the final part of taupo driftopia.

Hope you all enjoyed the photos, If anyone is after Hi-Res Photos, Let me know.


Rest of Gallery Below:

10 thoughts on “Taupo Taupo Taupo Drift – Pt.3

  1. nice pics dude, was a mean day ay!! i was the guy that was there with wade(glasses, drift tengoku)

  2. Hey bro! Nice to meet you!
    Cheers, they turned out ok.
    It was good eh, bit cold though haha.
    I will post up all my collection of doriten and option mags and dvd’s soon,
    keen as for a swap meet hahaha

  3. Ayumi: That yellow car isnt a RX-7, its a Onevia (S13 Silvia with 180sx Front)

    Mark: haha yeah man, Under Under Under, beached as bro! haha

    Reuben: sweet dude, We wil have to catch up sometime!

  4. Ok RX-7 fail, damn I know was something wrong with the rx-7…hahaha, ok a onevia, so in ohter words is a nissan 240sx for me, Remember the onevia front is the american version but with a ka24de engine in place of the royalty sr20det…snif, snif.


  5. Hello,
    nice blog, I didn’t knew it. Already added in my RSS 🙂 Thank’s to C’s Garage.
    What should I do if I want some high res of Joel’s OneVia ? Witch isn’t a RX7 obviously :p

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