Taupo Drift – Pt.2

Heres some more from the wet day at taupo.

Had to wear mechanics gloves to keep my hands warm to keep from blurring haha,

even with the gloves, heaps were blurred. TOO COLD haha


My camera hates rain, but I forced it to take pictures throughout the day with my finger clicking away I managed to get a few good pictures so here are some more for you guys.

Part 3 to come also.

4 thoughts on “Taupo Drift – Pt.2

  1. Hi, nice car’s around the corner guys you have here, I fall in love again for that silver S14, and the wenkel model, you know the rx-7…ruumm rumm I love it.

    and by the way sorry for my bad english a from MEXICO… 😀

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for commenting!
    Good to know I have readers from all the way in Mexico!

    If you want wallpaper size please tell me and I will email you Hi-resolution pictures.



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