Drift Attack – Taupo

Last saturday was a drift track day held at Taupo Motorsport track in Taupo, NZ.

This Event was the well known Driftopia Expression days held to cover everyone who wants to attend a track and drift, wether it be a complete beginner to top D1NZ drivers.


I was taken in by Chris / “Picket” and had a out of it night out before the event having around 1 hours sleep prior.

The day was interesting to say the least but one thing that was defiinate was the temperature….

Everyone who attended should agree with me to say that it was freeezing haha.

But anyway, cool day overall and cool cars attending. The level in NZ is stepping up a notch.

Part 2 to come.

Gallery Here:

18 thoughts on “Drift Attack – Taupo

  1. hey u didnt by any chance get any photos of the blue s13 silvia in the novice section? was my first go at drifting and would like some photos of it for me and the guy i brought the car.



  2. Hi there Adrian,

    Is that a blue Sil80?
    If so I have a few.

    Will put them up on part 2, if you would like any wallpapers let me know and will send them to you via email.



  3. cheers man and could u email me soon of the good ones so i can use them as a wallpaper to if it not to much of a hasel


  4. That Rain Looks So Fun 😛

    LOVING That Onevia 😀

    Get To More Events Keiskue Hahahaha

  5. Heya, nice pics!! I was in the novice class too, white cefiro (with ‘fast cars’ on the cooler, as there were 2 of us). Would be great to see any pics you may have got 🙂 cheers!

  6. Hey,

    Can you please forward me hi res pics of my car? Red S14 FL.

    Cheers! Nice pics btw

  7. hey Keisuke man

    There’s some sweet picks on here dude! Nice to know there’s someone out there documenting the action.. and sharing it too. The AE in the rain really went well. Got some advice from Brendan to try my 14s in the dry and then then it got really easy to slide and i could link it up N/A style.. lol.. A Quaife quickrack is an expensive item.. but was such a good investment.. Hope to see ur new notch at slide fest soon man,



  8. Hey wade!

    if want any hi res shots just let me know dude, Ill send you some!
    Nice, More Clutch Kick? hahaha
    Man, I would love one but too expensive for my blood. I want a Higher Final Gear, maybe around 4.556, just need to find one now!
    I hope to get the 86 out at the next one too, ill be there none the less!



  9. heya man, awesome photos. I was wondering if you had any of my cef. Its a blue/prurple colour with no front headlights or bumper. Would be cool to see some in the wet.
    Cheers man

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