Joe Manji Pt.2

Heres Part 2 from the Joe Manji Event.


Here is Brendan from A1 Turbo’s AE85, with a newly engineered 18A setup. Sounds golden but he had some trouble throughout the day which didnt give him much track time. Instead of going the 3 rotor 20B setup, he has frankenstiened 3 12A rotors to make the very unique 18A.


T-Boon is just awesome! He definately knows how to make the car look good for the camera haha


Glenn’s 1UZ Carina, with both Glenn and Matt having a go at the helm, it was good to see this thing out!


Tsuiso’s or Tandems were awesome! If only my Zoom lense was working…


Mean looking Stance from this 1JZ powered FC…

Pt.3 The finale up next!

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