Joe Manji Drift Day, Pt.1


No that isnt the swastika…. That is the symbol for Manji in Japanese. 

In New Zealand, there are a group called S-Club who organize Joe Manji Events for like minded people who like to Manji!

I went with 3 hours sleep, no food or water and forgot my helmet. Wasnt the most prepared to say the least. But had a very good time none the less! Missiles to “D1-Spec”, there were a variety of cars and talent but thats the best part of it!



There were a variety of cars the turned up to this event, which made for good viewing (although this was a private event) and the atmosphere was very friendly! 

One car in particular that was driven by alot of people from advanced to beginners was Hugo’s AT141 corona missile.

This is the car I featured before but since then, he had crashed at touge, then turned into a missile haha.




I had brought some wheels along to burn up and had a drive myself, heaps of fun! Very good engine! would me alot of fun in a 86! 



Nick Teeboon was also there in his 4AGTE Levin notch which competes in D1 in NZ. Very cool car, and amazing driving from it too! 



It happens…. haha



Tarran, the organizer of these events was there in his 4AGTE 85 FXGT aswell. 

All in all, the day was wicked! Heaps of track time for all, and for everyone a big learning curve and an emmense amount of fun was had!


Pt. 2 Up soon


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