AE86: Artist Model Part:II

Found one that I think my one will turn out like once it is actually in NZ…. Still sitting in Japan with a fuel leak till I gather up enough cash to get someone to look at it and fix it.



Here’s some more I like!

How can I explain this picture… AWESOME! Especially the caravan in the back ground! haha






Street Style Version


Dress-Up Version



This picture sums up my life



10 thoughts on “AE86: Artist Model Part:II

  1. Paz’s notch is farking cool!
    also one of the best looking zenki’s out there!

    no trueno’s cause I dont own one anymore. But Maybe I will put some up one day…

  2. That green thing is ugly.
    I’m getting new wheels for my 86s.
    New one is prepped for painting in the engine bay.
    7age ready to go back together.
    Just trying to think how low vs police intrest.

  3. Yeah, not a fan of the green machine… especially the sportmax’s in red…
    what wheels you going for nick if you dont mind me asking? Keen for a photoshoot once its done too if its ok with you?
    yeah, but IF you have a cert, would height even matter except when it comes to driveways etc?
    Im hopefully going for the top 86’s look height wise, may paint all white when i have extra money…

  4. Work Meisters massive dish. 8.5 &9.5″ Hopefully. But $$$$$
    Don’t want too low as driveways and curbs and stuff to run into. It’s gonna have front bumper and sideskirts. I still have a rear origin bumper but would have to paint it panda to match.
    Don’t want a cert. too hard basket. I don’t get pulled over as we only go out “Street Testing” when it’s rainy and windy weeknights. Plus we go well out of the way of the 5-0 and anyone else who is likely to care.

  5. Plus I have the stock facelift bumpers aswell if we go bush.
    Would go all white but I already have the other one and don’t want twins.
    Plus the track drift car is quite a different animal.
    Could maybe do a double photo shoot.
    I know 2 ae86s is showing off…. but hey, I gotta pay for the toys.

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