Feature: Garage RS 4AGE Corona

This is Hugo from Garage RS’s TT141 Corona. 

Originally 3T, rolling on Cheviot Turbo’s, Hotwire Mags, Half Primer Matt Black Paint job, it has come a very long way.

His plans for it was to be a street legal drift hack, and everything has gone according to plan and come along greatly.


It started off as a piece, Hugo will even admit to that! But the work he has put into is epic. Here is how it started out march last year at the annual AE86 Meet:



But since then, he has gone through a 4AGE Conversion with an engine he bought of myself, Red Paint, and frankenstien 9.5J wheels. The result is awesome! He now is running a 4AGE with a Twin Side Draught Carburettor set-up, S13 BC Coilovers, MSD Ignition, and the trusty Locked Diff.


Also Sporting some 8.5 J Starsharks up front with Potenza RE-01’s from Drury Tires and on the rear, Dunlop Direzza’s on the Bridgestone Potenza 9.5 rims. He originally had a set of 4 3piece 14×6.5J’s but he took them apart and made the pair of 9.5js that look like XR-4 Longchamps.  





He was running a Twin Pipe Boso Style exhaust setup but to comply with NZ Warrent of Fitness standards, he had to cut them off, but the sound from the carbs are amazing! I have recently been watching some of the AE86 Club VHS and the N2 AE86’s all run carb set-ups… Very Tempting indeed ha! The rear stance of the car is staunch, theres no other word for it.

The rear end is the same as what an AE86 uses but with the wider body of the corona, the -30 9.5J’s sit flush with the rear gaurds. Shows how much wider the Corona is overall compared to an 86.


This is definately an unique drift car. But Hugo is keeping busy with another project, a 2JZ Corona Coupe. 

If he puts as much effort as he did into this car, im sure the coupe will be one to look out for. 

Visit his site @ http://garagers.wordpress.com

We also met up with a couple people from Jspec that night, A nice example of an Kouki S14.

This S14 Sounded angry! With a nice simple exterior, and carbon bonnet, it wasnt the most out there Silvia, 

but the engine had done some good modifications to keep the driver very happy.






Rest of the pictures from the night below:


7 thoughts on “Feature: Garage RS 4AGE Corona

  1. sorry did u say something about a 1g auto zeb? didnt quite catch wat u said there?

    but YES i did stack it, no i dnt give a fuk, i was over the damn thing! time for somthing half its weight. haha

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