Random Organized Meet

I’ve been back in New Zealand for a week now, and with no updates on my blog I thought, Maybe I should organize something….

Me and my friend Hugo from Garage RS thought it would be a good idea to organize a random meet, so we posted up on 4 different forums


There were a variety of cars as we invited many different groups, not too many people came from the old school community but there were a couple of good examples like this very clean AE85 Levin sporting Techno Phantoms



In New Zealand, Honda Drivers have a stereo-type of being “Boy Racers” and say things like “Hit V-TeK BrEw Gee!!”,

but these nice Integra Type R’s and Civic Hatches were the complete opposite, styled correctly, used to their full potential as a zero-yon car or grip car.



Overall, the meet had a good turn out seeing as we informed these guys a day before this was held. 

Everyone was responsible and very friendly and I hope to organize another one like this again!

The rest of the pictures are below:


8 thoughts on “Random Organized Meet

  1. Dopetastic pics man, was a sweet night too. Haha finally! Someone got some pics of my car…..she always gets left out due to lame wheels hahaa.

  2. Hey dude,
    I was just reading through the speedhunters site and saw you wanted to check mad mike out at ebisu…. I am the person organizing his whole trip here in Japan so if you want to catch up just give me a call dude.

  3. That red 180sx is so coool. i see the mr2 makes an apperance there Keisuke hahahahahaha

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