How much Can I fit???

Well today was hectic!

Had to clean up the house, Pack my gear, And fit 24 wheels + parts into the 86.



Then Found a really bad fuel leak coming from one of the hoses on the 86 that I needed to replace or else it wouldnt be allowed to go on the wharf, that and it would really drive haha.

Figured that it was the rubber hose that joint the fuel lines between the fuel pump and fuel lines that run underneathe the car so took that off, took it to a toyota Netz service centre and ordered a new one from toyota. Recieving it tommorow but Ill be on a plane so I got to show my old man how to put it on hahah. Hopefully it will be the right part!

Here`s some pictures of the parts and wheels I gathered!

Also the height that I want my front to be at and the journey of the fuel hose haha

8 thoughts on “How much Can I fit???

  1. hope my stuf made it in! 😉 will catch you wen you get bak dude. give me a txt. hava good flight.

  2. Sweeeeet dude, mesh goodness. Cant wait. Put a chronic piss up on our to do list when you get back.

  3. How come you didn’t just get some generic hose, cut to fit and replace the same day ?

  4. @Matt-AE86: Not many places in Japan have a shop that sells generic hose etc like we have in NZ/Australia. They have shops that sell car parts like supercheap etc, (autobacs) but they order any type of part from a dealer so thats what I ended up doing. Also the leak wasnt fixed, so need someone to have a look at it! what a bitch!

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