Ebisu Drift Matsuri: Unusual?

I have decided to post up the photos that might leave you saying “whats happening here?” or “WHAT THE F#$% IS THAT?!?”


The Picture Above is a good example of a “Missile” Drift car.

The purpose of a Missile is to have as much fun in the car whilst not having a care in the world if you crash it. This makes for awesome barrier love taps and getting the rear end to be “su-re su-re” (scraping) the wall. This means big entry`s, Massive Angle and very close battles. What more can you ask for? 




This Z32 Fairlady Still has the front intact but not all missile`s are that lucky…




Theres No such thing as “Too many Stickers”. This is quite a good collection in my opinion haha

I had an Option2 Sticker on one of my old 86`s, But someone went to all the trouble of breaking into my car and stealing it from the dash board… The lengths people go to…..




This is one peice of equiptment I really want! Its a “Do-it-yourself” tyre remover. This is one thing that would be very handy if a tyre machine isnt at hand e.g Touge, Street, Circuits etc.  Beside it was a can of parts cleaner and LPG Gas… Not the safest way of putting on a tyre but it works!




These two Girls are sitting where the front windscreen would normally be… Im not sure what happened prior (I should have asked) but they were chiseling off the remaining glass around the frame. Only in Japan eh?




Now this picture is pretty obvious… I asked how it happened but didnt get much of an answer, dont think they wanted to talk about it haha…



This picture may get you thinking, why the hell is there a Nissan Micra/March on the track?

It was doing some Time Attacks on Nishi Course but had its hazard lights on to indicate that other cars may overtake, and this is what that 86 is doing… still drifting of course… haha

That 86 is driven by Goto-san, By far one of the best drivers Ive seen, Always driving with a big smile on his face which is what drifting is all about, fun!




East-West Configuration, Mitsubishi Motor and Tuned by AMG????

I have no explanation for this one except it was a Evolution 3 doing a few time attacks.

Not too sure where the AMG Coilcovers came from but thought I would take a picture anyway haha



What is this guy doing you ask?


He removed the Gearbox to swap the flywheel as it was playing up. Not sure what exactly happened but they were definately getting on with it.



Who are these people?

The Guy wearing the hat and Jeans on the right is the driver of the Black AE70 Sprinter,

Next to him on the left is Goto-san who drives the hatchless 86 Levin,

Next to Goto-san is Masao Suenaga from Team Orange and Winner of D1SL last year driving the white 180sx behind him,

the Guy wearing the Toyota-Techno yellow overalls is the driver of the white Levin from Team Peak, I went in his car and his drifting skills are amazing! I asked how long he had been drifting for and the answer was 14 years…. He used to drive a KP61 with a 5K, Big cams and Solex Carbs before his Levin.

And finally the guy in the green shirt that doesnt look japanese is Peter Horniak from 7Tune.com. He got to ride with Suenaga-san in the 180sx. Check his coverage from this event on www.7tune.com




Thats a hand drawn map of Ebisu`s Kita Course. The two Red dots are stated as “Crash Points ❤ ❤ <3”

Definate signs of a Missile!



I cant explain this, But I can tell you that, that doll by the red and white tape is Luffy from the Anime One Piece, and those cans are Georgia Coffee cans, Mountain Erbal Blend if I recall correctly haha. The red sticker underneathe the 3316 says Safety Lease…  The rest, I have no idea haha



Possibly the worlds Shortest Exhaust and a really Obvious D.I.Y Turbo Manifold and Piping Kit… Worked a treat though!





There were even a few FF Dori Cars at the event, I also saw a Gold Prelude doing abit of FF Dori on the Touge Course Earlier in the day.

And that Conlcudes this post, Hope you enjoyed my coverage, If anyone has anything else they would like me to specifically post from this event, leave a comment!


Cheers Keisuke

14 thoughts on “Ebisu Drift Matsuri: Unusual?

  1. I only just found your blog recently and most say I have really enjoyed your coverage of the ebisu festival. Love the random snaps of 86s in the pits, such as the one with the two japanese girls above! Keep up the good work man

  2. Hey mate,

    was great to meet you, your a champ if you ever head back over drop me a line for sure!! also that map on the car aint minami is missing the back down hill S section along with the smaller S section before the wall lunch its a map of north course. 😉

    – luke

  3. Cheers for the comments! Awesome to hear that the coverage is being enjoyed! Took me farking ages to get them all up on here!

    Luke: Will do man! Let me know when you put up the full release of the Video! Also, make a Team Peak special 😉 haha. And yes you are spot on, it is kita course! That was stupid of me cause I took that picture at Kita course.. Shoulda known! Will edit right away! Cheers man, Keep in touch!


  4. 3316 might means missile (in fact it only can mean that)

    MI(tsu) SA(n)I(1)RU(Roku)

    I think if you’re in Japan you have a bit of japanese language so you know what i mean

  5. You’re welcome, theres alot of those things in the drift community (not only).
    326Power for exemple means MiTsuRu Power (the 2 here is pronounced in “english”).
    443World might means YoShi san.
    416Power YoIchiRo.
    The licence place of the Cyber Evo is 318- (SaIBa-/Cyber).
    I saw once a sticker with the kanji Seido (the right path/line) and under wrote 860 (YaRoO).

    Theres tons of others, Yashio is 840 but I don’t know why.
    Even the word Yakuza comes from this way of “coding”, its 893 which is a losing combination of cards on an old card game (which is a bit like the baccara) where you have to do a top score of 19 if you go further you lose.
    Thanks wikipedia for that one although theres another supposition on the origin of the word, I personally prefer that one!

    To finish the first one that a friend told me was 4679 (Yoroshiku).

  6. 840 for yashio comes from YAtsu which is also eight, SHI which is four and O which is zero.
    That explains alot of the the numbered teams! I knew 326 had something to do with Mitsuru Hariguchi.
    Awesome, should put up a post about it! haha
    I like that last one!
    4679 Waider3! haha

    Cheers Again, Keep posting! good information! 😉


  7. Ye in fact I knew that Yashio is YatsuShiO but I don’t know what is the meaning of it. I know few more (among with other things) but can’t remind them right now

  8. Waider: Well when you know let me know! always cool to find new interesting facts!

    JDMBill: cheers for the comment, That is pretty much all from ebisu drift matsuri unless I figure out how to get Mini DV Tape onto Computer 😛

  9. Thats a shocking picture of me .. lol..

    Anyway, back to the numbers things.. I believe Yashio is Yashio because it:s based in Yashio City in Saitama prefecture.
    One more number game one is 696. ROkuKUROku = Rock and Roll 🙂


  10. Bit late, but that AMG engine is possibly legitimate. AMG did a couple of tuned versions of Mitsubishis, including an E33 Galant. They had a higher compression (taller pistons) DOHC 4G63 and the ecu had been fiddled with (Also aesthetic differences and minor other). I’m hazarding a guess that the owner of the EVO in your pic merely swapped the lead cover, as it’s a turbo, but it would be cool if it was a high comp as well.

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