Ebisu Drift Festival Day 2: Unreal

I went to sleep at around 2am, having no sleep the night before the event I was pretty knackered to say the least.

Slept in the trusty GMC Van so had a pretty good sleep thank god, and woke up at 7am to the sound of a Black JZZ30 going around the touge course. From then on it was full on!


Went to nishi course and saw the motorfix crew going good, then headed to Kita course as Luke had said the 86 Crew were heading up there… Waited around for a couple of hours then the motorfix crew came up and so did the Peak Privateers group. I was quite excited to see them Manji`ing the straight and doing a few team runs. Then I met up with Luke and Peter and they were filming the Peak crew, so decided to tag along and see who was driving. Funnily enough I saw a fimiliar face, Masao Suenaga from Team Orange was there in his street 180sx, along with the beaten up old AE86 with no hatch, Clean Levin Notch, Tough E70 and a cool little AE70 Sprinter. Luke was filiming from the beaten up old 86 and was riding passenger in that car, Peter was riding with Suenaga-san so I decided to ask the driver of the levin notch (seeing as I have one myself) if I could ride with him, and the answer was Yes. I grabbed my helmet and we headed off onto the track…. Ill let the pictures and Lukes Video when he puts it up tell the rest!

All in all, This was a spectacular event, one that I will never forget, one that I will definately come back too!

Ive said this before, but you will have to experience this if you have a passion for drifting or any motorsport!

Just pure fun!

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