Ebisu Drift Festival Day 1 : Amazement

Hey Guys, Sorry about the lateness of this post, been up north in Nagano helping my Father out with his work and no internet….
Ebisu Drift Festival was probably the best two days of my life from a drifting perspective. Everyone was so friendly, nothing too stupid on the tracks (except the talent…) and was just purely amazing.
I took over 1000 pics but ive chosen half of them for this site as Im running out of server space on here to load the photo`s up…
I met a few of the big names bloggers aswell etc, Luke from Hashiriya Imports (Running Life), Alexi from Nori-Yaro who also took me for a ride down Kita Course in his R32, and Peter from 7Tune.com, funnily enough all 3 of them were Australian haha… But all 3 of them were great guys and was good to meet them!
I left Tokyo at 5am and the Navi said that I would arrive at 9.30, Just on time I thought untill I hit the Highway, 50km nose to tail traffic Jams thanks to golden week and 1000yen toll roads made a normal 4.30 hour trip into a 8hour trip, I was so bored I took photo`s of my shoes and the traffic on the way (explains the photos)
The Navi took me through some backroads that you would have never thought lead to Ebisu, For a few instances I had my doubts but in the end I got there and I had a smile as big as the moon.
For me, the highlight of the event had to be riding in a AE86 from Team Peak on Kita course…


Luke from Running Life was filming the run as he was in the Lead 86. Most of you 86 Mania`s may have seen this particular 86 on numerous pictures, Doriten DVD`s etc, No Hatch Panda Levin with alot of rust and 9J Hayashi`s ring a bell?
Thanks to Team Peak for that opportunity, Will never forget it!
チームPEAK、 ほんとにありがとうございました!これ読んでったら、ぜひコメントをしてください!

So Anyway, enough with the talk, Here are the pictures from the 1st Day: It took me a long time to upload these photos so hope you enjoy all 253 of them…. 2nd Day coming soon!

8 thoughts on “Ebisu Drift Festival Day 1 : Amazement

  1. エビス祭りではどうもありがとう!



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