Interior Refresh

Bit Of an Update on my 86.

Put in Newly bought Nardi Wheel and Dildo Shift knob with Gold flakes (Balla yo!)


Also Bought Some OEM Sideskirts, Cusco brake Master Cylinder Stopper and Nagisa Auto Adjustable Tension Rods (Caster Arms)

Its getting there, Im in process of buying a C`s Quickshift and might buy 4.778 Final Gear to top it off.

This will finish my shopping list for Japan and the rest of my budget will be spent in NZ… I will be flat broke! YUSS!

But its all worth it! (I hope)


Cheers Keisuke

3 thoughts on “Interior Refresh

  1. Keisuke you homo. Sup! SHit yeah, your hachi is fully taking shape. Cant wait to go for a mad cruise one night. Dude, how much are those dildo shift knobs? Fully keen to get one. Drop me some garagedori PM goodness.

  2. Cheers for the Comment Benny, I Like facelift black interior better but the B/R is growing on me, Just got to see what black carpet looks like with this interior…

    Tried to install my quickshift today… no luck, the original bolts that hold the shifter in place are tight as a homophobic`s asshole… Will need to attack it with a better rachet or if I can a rattle gun.

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