AE86 – Out in the Garbage Pile

I was in Tateshina at my fathers Bach in Nagano Prefecture. Whilst I was down there, we were driving towards a small town called Chino.

On the way, an orange car dumped on some old tyres Beside a Dunlop tyre shop caught my eye… It was a AE86 Levin Hatch!

I went to the shop and asked the shop owner what had happened…



The shop owner said that this was one of his customers old Cars that needed to be placed somewhere for a period of time…

Its been around 6-7 Years since its moved from that spot , and some people have happily taken parts of the car without the owners permission.

It had a cage, bright orange/yellow paint job so I asked if it was used in any races to see if it had any history behind it, and I was told that it was featured in one of the first Option2 Video`s as it was racing in something called ***** Battle… I Forgot what the owner told me haha.


But it has seen better days, the owner had placed it there as it had bent the chassis and has been sitting there ever since.

A cool find indeed, but to see a 86 placed in the middle of nowhere rusted to bits kind of makes me think, what a waste. But on the other hand, there must be many more like this and It make me want to find them!


8 thoughts on “AE86 – Out in the Garbage Pile

  1. Good story! At least it is serving a purpose. It has a broken spine and can only lie there while it is pick pocketed by hungry car enthusiasts. One day someone may buy it and fix it up. Who knows?

  2. lol. I need that drivers seat more than you! it matches my trim and everything

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