“Fuck tha Police” – N.W.A

I headed to Oifuto tonight to see some street drifting. Was in high hopes for some drift trains or atleast some decent manji`s!

What I saw and what I shot are two different things haha, I saw over 20 cars come at one time all ready for some  Manji action, what I shot was one S13 doing Manji`ing and then the cops came…. FUCK!!! everyone scrambled, but there were some definate cool cars there!

I got there at 11pm and stayed around till 3am, it is now 3.22am and am posting this up hahaha

There were atleast 4 cop cars all waiting for us driftzoku to come back. What bastards! I had to move as they were questioning the car behind me parked up so moved around the place to see everyone just waiting for the cops to go but nothing happened. I will try and go again next week but probably on a friday and will go to daikoku futo aswell just so I can actually take some decent pics of cars instead of just one! Sorry guys, Next week it is! But heres the pictures anyway!


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