When you think Motorfix, you instantly think #E7# Corolla…

These guys are simply awesome, theres no doubt about that, Whether its their cars, driving style, or just the sound they make while going around corners… Some if not Most people in the toyota drifting community should have heard of these guys, if you havnt, you are missing out!

Heres a video of an E7# meet they held last year:

Ive seen some really nice example`s of E7# corollas outside of Japan, some in Malaysia, some in Australia and a few back in NZ.

But its good to see that theres still some nice examples back in the homeland of Toyota.

They have good taste in music too haha


Now here is their most recent drift video on youtube.

If you have been following these guys for a while, you may remember the yellow motorfix E7# that flipped on its roof…

Some of the panels have been used in his new E7# in that video, Its always good to see parts re used from wrecks!


check out their website

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