Artist Models

Here are some of the AE86`s that I hope mine will be similar too…

I studied photoraphy at school for a couple of years, this explains the title haha


Number 1:

Note the Stock front fenders and Rear Over Fender with the skirt added on.



Number 2:

Note the Kouki Headlights and Fog lights on Zenki Front bar, Side Skirts and what looks like origin front fenders.



Number 3:

Note the Standard gaurds flared both front and rear, kouki front bar with zenki lip and kouki headlights, no Side skirts also.



Number 4:

I dont need to note anything, Team mouse is just way too cool!


I want that rear wing!

One day! haha

15 thoughts on “Artist Models

  1. Haha I was thinking about a TRD Ducktail, had an oppotunity to grab one cheap but let it go…. Im regretting it now! But yeah, the top one is the look Im going for! Cheers for the comment Mr. T-Boon

  2. yeah. Me too! New car turns up in about a month. same shape and colour. Panda levin notchy. The wing will be the one off my car. I’ve got the huge wing for the comp car. Street car will be packing the 7age I used to have in the 86.

  3. haha yeah I heard from brad you bought his! Good score!
    ahhh dammit! I was going to ask if you werent going to use your rear wing that i would grab it but all good. ooooh sounds the goods! My one wont be as fast as yours but should be pretty much identical looks wise.
    will have to have a photoshoot when both cars are done! Twin panda levin Notchys!

  4. I ain’t letting go of that wing. Only one I’ve ever come across.
    It’s firmly attached to that frp boot I have. The big wing is on the steel boot for strength.

  5. haha bugger… Oh well, will have to buy one next time.
    Cool! you putting on a massive GT wing on the race car? More Traction!
    You think you could cut and mould a Hatch TRD wing to suit?

  6. truenos are gay.
    I,ve had the big wing for a while. Too much traction. only good up to 3rd gear. Too hard to make the hatch one fit. quite different angle and shape on the underside. should be some in Jap land?

  7. hahahaha what a hater! I got a pic of you drifting (back in 2004 I think) through castrol corner with the old trueno face on with your door open! haha I will have to post it up! too much traction… Only cure is MORE POWAH! hah.
    yeah theres a garage called noby booth who make them, but at the price of 350, its really over my budget.

  8. Trueno’s aren’t gay!!!! They were the AE86 that converted me…:D and i’ld still be owning nissan’s. And if it wern’t for Keisuke I wouldn’t have the pleasure of owning one…..Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  9. OK?!?!?!?!? WTF?
    I see truenos and chosen few go together.
    I just don’t like the initial D image that a trueno hatch has.
    And I have a levin notch…. point made.

  10. Na someone trying to be funny and using same name as me. i have a trueno notch which is my project. Any AE86 is too good for chosen few, a bunch of fags. I dont like the initial D image either that why I got a notch 😀

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