AE86 – New Shoes

Thought I would put some new shoes on the AE86 today.



Had abit of trouble though, As the Alignment isnt as I want it to be…  Castor is too far back so when I put the hayashi`s that were supposed to go on the front, the tyres had too much tread on them and hit the inner gaurd.


Fail! haha So what I did is, I measured the previous watanabe wheel that was on there that didnt have a problem and saw if the rear hayashi`s had enough tread worn down so it wouldnt hit the inner gaurd… Lucky for me it did 🙂 (It`ll do till it gets to NZ)


All it needs now is a little lowering and some adjustable arms and should be set. Might need a little gaurd flaring too… Cant wait for the end result. Need to give the wheels abit of polish too…


I ❤ Negative Offset



 A Neccassity In Life 😉



This is how I roll in Japan haha




Did abit of sanding and rust proofing but only half way through… More on that tommorow!

4 thoughts on “AE86 – New Shoes

  1. Hayashi streets are rad! I had some 13×8-5 on my e7 for while.
    coupe looks so good mate, keep it up 🙂

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