The Holy Bible – The Toyota Testament

Now, the AE86 has a very big cult following all over the world, from Japan, New Zealand, Australia, America and all over Europe.

Here is one book that will help you understand what this AE86 religion is all about…


This book is all about the AE86, Corolla Levin & Sprinter Trueno.

Has everything from maintence, restoration, Tuning Guide, and even the legendary Group A and N2 specification Sheets from TRD.

Only Problem is, Its all in Japanese haha… Better get on the Kanji Study again….






All the Models that came out of the Corolla Levin AE85 & AE86


All the models of the Sprinter Trueno AE85 & AE86




Group A Spec Sheet



N2 Spec Sheet


3 thoughts on “The Holy Bible – The Toyota Testament

  1. Holy shit man! I love these hachi-centric books/magazines u get. How much for a copy of this bad boy? Ill let you look at me in the shower if you hook me up?


  2. Shit man, Youve got me Tempted hahahahah you sick fark!

    I got one spare copy so Ill let you know when I get back to NZ…
    Will be like X-mas for you, Wheels and a AE86 Bible haha

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