AE86 Plans… (Discussion)

As I posted before, I am planning on having my AE86 over in Japan sent to NZ and to be used as my daily…

In saying that it will be also be my track toy.

What I want from this setup is a reliable Street and Track/Drift setup with alot of adjustability… Im not fussed on how harsh the ride is, Ive driven on NZ roads with 10kg/8kg spring setup before and really dont mind the bumps.

In regards to coilovers, I may buy a seperate Sleeve kit for my 86 struts to make my own custom setup.

Do you think this is the more cost effective way or would I be better off buying a already setup coilovers from Japan…

Cost wise, the sleeve/spring seat kit will cost me 9000yen plus 70dia Springs which I dont know the price of… Whereas the ready made coilover kits are costing anything between 14000 – 25000 yen and that comes with already cut and welded sleeves and spring seats on 86 struts, Springs, and depending on auction, Sometimes Camber Plates, RCA`s and Rear shocks to suit….

Any suggestions, Feel free to comment!!!

Here are my future Plans:….

Bride Vios III Super Low Max Seat – (Purchased)

Bride FG Super Low Positioning Rails – (Purchased)

Coilover suspension – (on the Look out on Yahoo)

Rear BC Coilover Setup – (Need to look into…)

Xt130/TT132/KE30 Lower Control Arms – (On the look out, May have found some on Trademe)

Adjustable Tension/Castor Rods – (In process of purchasing)

Uras Super Tie Rod Ends – (In process of Purchasing)

AJPS Long Tie Rods – (Need more funds hahaha)

Traction Brackets – (As Above ahaha)

NCRCA`s – (On the look out on Yahoo)

Will Keep you updated on Progress

9 thoughts on “AE86 Plans… (Discussion)

  1. Buying Ready Made Coilover Kits-


    – Cheap Enough to buy

    – Ready to be Installed (Put in the car and go)

    – Having a spare set of standard struts (Just in case)


    – Unsure on Condition (Big Issue)

    – May not be a suitable Spring rate (easy enough to buy another set of springs though)

    – May not be the exact specs of what your wanting…

  2. The Greddy kits really are the best you can get if its adjustability youre after, not sure on price in Japan though?

  3. Go for the BC kit, works a treat and is well priced, peiceing bits to make em up ends up more expensive and not garanteed to work.

  4. The greddy kits are very good coilover kits but I do have a budget and dont think my budget allows for those haha.

    I was thinking about buying BC`s. They are relatively cheap and have been proven to work.
    The only thing I am worried about if I decide to go with the custom setup is, as you said mike, they arnt garanteed to work…
    But After researching on numerous 86 Forums, it`s quite common to make you own and sometimes get better and cheaper results then to buy off the shelf items.

    In terms of adjustability, Im talking about the whole suspension set up in itself… e.g camber, caster, toe, spring rates etc…

    Thanks for the input guys!

  5. Ok, Ive come up with a decision plus things to add to the list of what i need.

    Heres the Parts List that I Have come up with:

    Bride FG Rails (Purchased)
    Bride Vios III Super Low Max Seat (Purchased)
    KE30 LCA`s (Purchased)
    AJPS Longer Tie Rods (Priced up, Will buy When back in NZ)
    Adjustable Castor Arms (In Process of Purchase)
    BC Coilovers (Will buy When back in NZ)
    Cusco Front Strut Brace (Purchased and Installed)
    Cusco Rear Strut Brace (In process of Purchase)
    Cusco Camber Plates (Purchased and Installed)
    Cusco NCRCA`s (In Process of Purchase)
    Lock Spacers (Need to find)
    AJPS Traction Brackets (Will Buy When back in NZ)
    Adjustable Panhard/Lateral Rod (In process of Purchase)
    Buddy Club Race Spec Exhaust (Purchased in NZ)
    Added sports Hi flow Muffler to keep Noise down (will do in NZ)
    TRD Quick Shift (In Process of Purchase)

    Once everything is Done will put up a new Spec List… Should be baby making results! 😉

  6. Bit of an Update,

    Adjustable Castor arms – Will buy in NZ
    Cusco Rear Brace – Purchased
    Nardi Classic – Purchased (CHEAP)
    150mm Dildo Shifter – Purchased needed a new shifter anyway
    OEM Sideskirts – Purchased (CHEAP)
    Kouki cabin Light – Purchased as my current one is broken (CHEAP)

    Pretty happy with what ive bought, all I need now is an adjustable Pandhard and whatever else I think I may need thats cheap enough to buy hahaha

  7. Hey man, sorry if Im already repeating someones suggestion but Im a bit in a hurry and I cant read over everything over here right now…

    Regarding the coilovers setup – I was thinking about the same but then I asked myself this thing: “Will I actually use those coilovers to their full potential”? What I mean is that I personaly wouldnt really tune and fine adjust the height all the time if I had coilovers, I would just simply put them on my car and drove away. So my point is – is building your own coilover setup really necessary? Wouldnt buying a TRD shortstroke adjustable shock + regular somethingsomething kg/mm spring be easier? I know coilovers have a lot of pros but from my own experience its not really something you need for a daily skidder/ocasional track car…

    About the rear coilover conversion, bare in mind that the original rear shock tower is not designed to support the whole weight of the car. Also Im not personally a big fan of BC products, from what I saw theyre pretty shitty (I repeat again its just my personal opinion) 🙂

    Check out this discussion on when you have time, there are some good thoughts in it:

    Ill make sure to read up the whole post when I get home 🙂

    Cheers mate!

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