Simple Is Best

Over the Tasman sea from New Zealand is a big country called Australia…

Im not actually sure if it`s the Tasman but yeah…. haha And In Australia, is many a AE86…

They have built up a substantial amount of high spec`d AE86`s over the years but one 86 in particular has caught my eye.

The styling, and driving he produces from this AE86 is what drives my passion for AE86`s.


His name is Robo, well thats the name I know.

I havnt met him face to face but do talk to him on msn and seems like a very friendly and good guy.

I`ve always been a fan of his notchback since way back when I first joined onto an aussie drift forum called,

low down, wide wheels, OEM bodykit… Nice and Simple… Periodic styling is what this is called and Robo has nailed it on the head!

Full article on his AE86 here:

Big Fan, Always will be! I hope for my AE86 to look and perform as good as this!

The Amount of Lock is RIDICULOUS!!! hahahaha Love it!

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