Toyota > Nissan

Ok… I recently stated that I had bought some parts for a project I had going… Now the project was going to be my RB30DET Cefiro for drifting purposes. I have now decided to scrap this and sell it so I can get my AE86 over in Japan to NZ and on the roads hahaha. Time to sell the nissan and buy more 86 Parts to stockpile in the 86!!!

Anyone got any suggestions to what I should bring?

3 thoughts on “Toyota > Nissan

  1. you want even bigger wheels now martyn? hahaha
    Ill grab the 7.5J Mk III`s off you then 😛

    Yes chris… I will get your lip, mirrors and camber plates but bucket seat wont fit hahahah Have got 3 and a half sets in the car already… Now looking for Coilovers and other suspension bits :D:D:D

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