Here`s some pictures of a few things I have lying around….


 14x7J +10 offset SSR Starsharks, Set of 4… Pitty about the offset but nothing Spacers cant fix! And  in Mint Condition… Not even a scratch.



14x7J 0 Offset Rays Racing Mesh, Set of 4. Sold to a good mate of mine In NZ for his 86 although the centres needs a repaint!

Still here Nick! haha Dont worry!


My Personal Favourite –

14×7 -6 Offset Hayashi Street Fins, Set of 4. ❤




15×7 +13 Offset SSR Mesh, Pair. Going on the Project car, aswell as the Hayashi`s



More 14x7J 0 Offset Watanabe 8 Spokes, Set of 4…




My 2nd Favourite Set –

14×7, 14×6.5 -8 & -3 Offset SSR Superstars, Set of 4.


Theres no such thing as too many wheels!

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