Japan <3 <3 <3

Just got back from a fuckin wicked night out… its 4.52am
Went to Daikoku Futo again to see some of the cars there, again there was a good turn out and wide variety of cars.
Then we went on a search for some street drifting….


 but ended up in Yokohama Bayside area where there were 100`s of lowriders. Massive meet up, Cars bouncing, 3 wheels, scraping the decks on the road… was nuts! really nice cars too, chrome diffs, glitter paint, pin stripes etc…
We then headed off as the cops came and told everyone to move out… no arrests though!
We found one place that looked like it had been skidded a few times so waited there for a few mins, only saw a Toyota mark X and a S14 do some skids.
Went back to Daikoku futo area but this time towards the docks where we saw a JZX110, Aristo and a S15 waiting around this intersection that seemed similar to the ones we had seen on youtube, so waited there for a few minutes and sure enough a few chasers, cefiros, 180`s, S14`s and a couple of skylines turned up and started manji`ing up the whole road…. Fuckin EPIC SHIT!!!!
this went on for around 30mins untill the cops came and everyone scrambled for their cars and went off, We called it a day and headed home but everyone else just waited all around the place for the cops to go and then they carried on… They go on till dawn!
Have taken pictures of everything but the street drifting was too dark to take good pictures but ahh well, what you see is what you get.
Will upload tommorow once i get some sleep!




6 thoughts on “Japan <3 <3 <3

  1. Don’t you like it when the cops are arriving while drifting corners?
    i love cop actions when i was in Hiroshima!oh’ and about your pictures,
    your a great photographer i admire your lust for cars!

  2. Frenzied Drifter: Hahaha yeah, its pretty funny seeing all the people watchin scrambling for their cars and what not. Me and my mate who was with me just ran to the car and parked up elsewhere haha.
    And thanks for the comment man! Comments like that make my day! Cheers Keisuke

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