My AE86 In Japan

This is the AE86 I have stored over here in Japan.
Bought this example from Yahoo Auctions from a garage called Cosmo Speed situated in Gunma Prefecture.
Cosmo Speed are known for the build of the Initial D AE86 for the Movie.











1984 GT-Apex Levin Notchback AE86

Bigport 4AGE

TRD Leads

Cusco Front Strut Brace

Cusco Camberplates

30mm RCA`s

Fujitsubo Sports Exhaust

Swift F:8Kg R:6Kg Springs

Unknown 2-Way LSD

Powersteering, Air Conditioning (luxury)

14x7J 0 Offset Watanabe

F: Bridgestone Grid II

R: Dunlop Lemans

14x7J -6 Offset Hayashi Street Fins

14x7J Unknown Offset SSR Starsharks

14x7J 0 Offset SSR Supersharks


Future Plans:

Bride Vios III Super Low Max Seat

Bride FG Super Low Positioning Rails

Coilover suspension

Rear BC Coilover Setup

Xt130/TT132/KE30 Lower Control Arms

Adjustable Tension/Castor Rods

Uras Super Tie Rod Ends

AJPS Long Tie Rods

Traction Brackets



Will Keep you updated on Progress

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